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Game-Changing Golf Gear

While deeply rooted in tradition, golf has seen a remarkable evolution in technology and equipment.

Courtesy of Q Golf

While deeply rooted in tradition, golf has seen a remarkable evolution in technology and equipment. From material science and advanced manufacturing techniques to wearable technology, golf enthusiasts have witnessed a convergence of innovations that blend style with functionality.

Q Golf Club $399

Courtesy of Q Golf

The founders of Q Golf have said they believe golf with a single club can be the game’s future, and they might be onto something. The Q is a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, as it can be adjusted without any tools to play as a lob wedge, a putter, and every loft in between. Q’s name is a nod to Robert Lish Urquhart, a Scottish businessman who created the first adjustable loft club in 1893. Showing up to my local Par 3 course with a single club felt odd initially, but after playing nine holes with the Q, I was pleasantly surprised. It is easy to adjust and felt pretty solid when striking the ball.

Q Golf Website

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Garmin Approach S70 Golf Watch $700

Courtesy of Garmin

The S70 has advanced features such as GPS, shot tracking, and detailed course maps allowing it to act as a personal caddy on your wrist. This smartwatch will enable you to precisely measure distances to hazards, track shot statistics, and analyze your performance, with its ability to measure your swing speed. I was most impressed with the “Plays Like,” feature that calculates the distance the hole will play, based on elevation, air pressure, temperature, and humidity. The S70 empowers players to improve their course management, optimize shot selection, and enhance overall performance.

Garmin Website

Peter Millar Clothing 

Courtesy of Peter Millar

Peter Millar’s creations stand out in the golf apparel industry due to their innovative use of performance fabrics, versatility, fashion-forward designs, and meticulous attention to detail. They offer golfers a perfect blend of traditional and whimsical (one of my favorites is the fine doodling in the Transfusion pattern) style and functionality, protecting you from rain, wind, or even those chilly days. Sometimes the unexpected small things add delight, like the bottle opener on a bungee hidden inside a vest pocket. From their polos and pants, to vests and fleeces, I always find that Peter Millar clothing does not disappoint.

Peter Millar Website

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PXG Gen 6 Golf Clubs, Starting at $220

Courtesy of Parsons Xtreme Golf, LLC.

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) has long utilized groundbreaking technology and unique construction to deliver exceptional performance. The Gen 6 clubs provide a remarkable balance of distance, control, and feel—enabling golfers to achieve greater consistency and confidence. My experience began with a comprehensive custom fitting process, providing me with clubs optimized for my swing. The clubs took very little time to get used to, and I saw an immediate impact on my game. PXG markets Gen 6 as the most-forgiving irons on the market, and after playing a few rounds, I can vouch for this firsthand.

PXG Website

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