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57 Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022

June 19 is not far off, and with all the supply chain issues many brands are still dealing with, it’s best you place your orders sooner rather than later.

Photo courtesy of Chris Leipelt via Unsplash

This Father’s Day, dads, stepdads, granddads, fathers-in-law and other father-figures out there have never had it so good. As the US (and most of the rest of the world) are now emerging from two years of on-again, off-again lockdowns, dads are actively looking to get back out there. So, Worth has canvassed the market to bring its readers 57 ways to help the dads in your life return to enjoying the finer things this world has to offer, empowering them to live life to the fullest.

As in our past lists, this rundown is not a ranking per se. How does one even begin to compare a bottle of sipping olive oil (Gift #50) with a 60V electric grass trimmer (Gift #8)? You can’t–which is why we encourage readers to run through all the selections carefully.

Mark your calendars, because June 19 is not far off and with all the supply chain issues many brands are still dealing with, it’s best you place your orders sooner rather than later.

1. Customized Wall Art from Mpix

(Price varies based on size and materials)

Love it? Then frame it for Dad. Photo courtesy of Mpix.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ every day, all year long, like a professionally framed and mounted wall photo of a memorable trip, an idyllic moment, or a nostalgic landscape. Maybe a doorway of a house in Marrakesh that will stir up fond memories of a family trip from years ago? Or perhaps a black-and-white picture you snapped of Dad making the final run of the season at Corbet’s Couloir in Teton Village? Whatever moment or image you choose to celebrate, Mpix offers a wide variety of high-quality prints from acrylic to giclee to metal prints as well as collage wall displays and many other formats–most available in large scale sizes up to 40” x 60.” Thanks to Mpix, you now have an easy way to create ready-to-hang gallery-quality personalized wall art for Dad.

2. Ribeye/Filet Gift Box from Churchill’s Prime

Retail Price: $259.95

For just about any father who loves a really good steak. Photo courtesy of Churchill’s Prime.

Delight the deserving dads in your life with a Ribeye or Filet Mignon Gift Box from Churchill‘s Prime. Each elegant gift box includes two perfectly trimmed and aged USDA Prime Ribeyes and a pair of Filets presented alongside Churchill’s Signature Steak Seasoning and Herbed Finishing Butter (a must!) Bonus: Churchill‘s throws in a meat thermometer to make sure you are serving your cuts at the recommended 125 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare.

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3. Urban Jungle Collection Houseplants by LiveTrends

(Prices starting around $40 per plant)

Live trend delivers on demand stylish houseplants and potters for all dads—not just those with a green thumb. Photo courtesy of Live Trend.

Dad needn’t be a skilled horticulturist to enjoy this robust collection of house plants from Live Trends. The Urban Jungle collection features a wide array of plants from a Ficus Burgundy to a Philodendron Birkin to a Ponytail Palm. Customers can choose from an array of potter designs. Worth really found everything in the Terrace collection, featuring a spiraling series of etchings reminiscent of old world pottery, to be particularly aesthetically pleasing. The artists behind the Terrace collection drew visual inspiration from landscapes created by traditional terrace farming–the farming technique that has been in use from the rice fields of Asia to the steep slopes of the Andes in South America for centuries. This is the perfect gift for the dad who enjoys surrounding himself with nature indoors.

4. The Belmont Sneaker by Woolloomooloo

Retail Price: $150

The brand is a mouthful, but these sneakers are as comfy as they are stylish. Photo courtesy of Woolloomooloo.

Woolloomooloo’s stylish Belmont is a go-to sneaker for the weekend warrior-dad in your life. The Belmont’s unique arch support and wool-lined footbed make this shoe perfect for all-day comfort and movement, making it a great weekday option for work-from-home as well. The shoe is odor and water resistant, easy to machine wash, and, most importantly, durable as heck. Made from sustainably sourced and digitally knitted Australian Merino wool, the Belmont slides on like butter, thanks to Woolloomooloo’s signature elastic lace system. The fit is firm while the grip provides rugged traction. Bonus feature: Australian Merino Wool is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, so you can feel good about your Father’s Day gifting this year.


Retail Price: $699

Listen to this! A booming portable sound system for Dad that goes anywhere. Photo courtesy of SOUNDBOKS

Take it to the beach and get sand all over it. Or set it up at the neighborhood picnic where it takes on incoming water fire from the sprinkler system. Heliskiing in British Columbia? Bring it on–the SOUNDBOKS Go! will enable dad to take his tunes wherever he goes. This is a high-performance Bluetooth speaker, optimized for portability and all types of weather and conditions. Dad will love this in the back of the golf cart as much as in the back of the pickup on the fall hunting trip. The Danish-made device weighs under 20 pounds, features two 72-watt continuous class D amplifiers, concert level volume and can be paired with up to four other units nearby effortlessly. The product also boasts a swappable battery that offers up to 80 hours of listening on a single charge and customizable sound profiles that enable listeners to adjust the audio based on the size and location of the space.

6. LG C1 83-inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV with Eyesafe Low Blue Light

Retail Price: $4,499.99

This 83-inch C1 OLED TV by LG brings groundbreaking low blue filtering light tech to the TV market. Photo courtesy of LG

If Dad is in the market for a gorgeous new TV set, consider getting him the new LG C1 83-inch OLED with Eyesafe low blue light. Unlike traditional LED technology, the self-lighting OLED system delivers perfect blacks, intense color and infinite contrast. Dad will be able to dive into action, adventure, drama and sports displayed across this technological masterpiece on a bigger, bolder screen. But hands-down the device’s best feature is that it comes with built-in Eyesafe-certified technology that reduces the toxic portion of the blue light emitted from the screen–something only LG Display OLED panels have in the global TV market today. With many medical studies linking blue light exposure from screens to affecting sleep patterns, this is one TV set that will give Dad the vivid viewing experience he covets while enabling him to fall asleep much more easily and get a good night’s rest–even after watching a late-night movie or sporting event. The LG C1 83-inch 4k Smart OLED is a gift of entertainment and a healthy lifestyle present all in one!

7. Malbec Cologne for Men by Boticário

Retail Price: $47.50

The Malbec cologne for men uses the same maturation process as world-renown winemakers use when creating the finest wines. Photo courtesy of Boticário

For the dad who’s both daring and discerning, the Malbec, a product of Brazilian beauty powerhouse Boticário, is sure to make a statement and a great gift. Malbec is the first men’s fragrance in the world to employ a maturation process akin to that used by world-famous winemakers. All Malbec colognes are infused and aged in French oak barrels and feature fragrance combinations that turn heads: from peppery and woody with notes of oak and vanilla to spicy and citrusy with a hint of sandalwood and orange blossom. But Malbec doesn’t just smell good–it’s part of Boticário’s environmental commitment as well; the brand is committed to a host of sustainability initiatives, especially focused on restoring and maintaining the biodiversity of its native Brazil through an array of nature preservation programs. Malbec is a gift that feels good both to give and receive.

8. Toro 60V MAX Electric Battery Brushless String Trimmer

Retail Price: $219.99

Making Dad’s backyard look like the greens at Augusta will be a snap with Toro’s new 60V trimmer. Photo courtesy of Toro

Devo coined the famous lyrics Whip it good. Real good. in their 1980 anthem “Whip It” but its Toro that has brought the phrase into the modern era and into the backyard with its new 3-phase 60V electric grass and weed trimmer. The battery powered device is part of Toro’s Flex-Force Power System – a family of units all powered by swappable 60V batteries, meaning that the same batteries can be used in more than 50 other of Toro’s battery-powered yard tools from snow blowers to lawn mowers to power leaf blowers. (Why Toro hasn’t signed up Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex as the pitchman for the Flex-Force line is still a mystery, but we digress.) But the 60V MAX is no ordinary weed whip. With variable speed control, Dad will love the durable, high-impact head and the comfortable grip that minimizes vibration. In the end, Toro has created a trimmer that will spare no dandelion or errant blade of grass; it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dads who take lawn manicuring seriously.

9. The Hamm’s Beer Monhegan Throw Blanket by Faribault Mills

Retail Price: $245

This Faribault Mills throw blanket is a throwback to an era long since past. Photo courtesy of Faribault Mills

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based Theodore Hamm’s Brewing Company was a legendary American brewing company that got its start at the end of the Civil War–eventually becoming the fifth largest brewery in the United States. Although the beer is still available in a few select markets, it is best remembered for its sui generis and decidedly catchy advertising jingle, its iconic tag line,“From the Land of Sky Blue Waters” and its mascot, the Hamm’s Beer bear. Now fellow North Star state company Faribault Mills has created an homage to this brewing legend with a Monhegan Cotton throw with the Hamm’s Bear iconography. It’s light but dense, with a luxurious and plush feel. It’s a cotton/wool blend throw that is 85 percent wool to keep dad warm, and 15 percent cotton for softness. Perfect for dad and his man cave when he needs to take a Sunday afternoon siesta.

10. The Santa Teresa 1976 Red Rum

Retail Price: $44.99 (750 mL bottle)

Kill it this Father’s Day by giving Dad a taste of some red rum. Photo courtesy of Santa Teresa

Fans of horror films, such as the 1980 Stanley Kubrick classic The Shining, are all too familiar with the phrase “red rum” (for the uninitiated, it spells ‘murder’ backwards), but this Father’s Day, Worth is introducing all the dads and rum aficionados out there to entirely more pleasurable type of red rum: The Santa Teresa 1976. From the oldest Venezuelan rum brand, Santa Teresa 1796 is one of the first super-premium rums to employ the Solera Method, an artisanal processing method featuring a blend of light, heavy and pot still distilled rums aged up to 35 years. Santa Teresa 1796 features a palate that hearkens back to a scotch whisky, with notes of tobacco, leather, molasses, and even hints of dark chocolate giving this premium Venezuelan rum a similar flavor palate to the finest dark spirits on the shelf. And, yes, it has a reddish hue that gives each pour a distinctive visual in a glass over ice. Packaged in a stylish cylindrical tin, Santa Teresa 1796 makes gift wrapping a breeze.

11. NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Router

Retail Price: $799.99

With 5G and Wifi 6, this latest device from Netgear will get the dad on the go the fastest connection to multiple devices. Photo courtesy of Netgear

With COVID-19 easing up (hopefully!), Dad is back on the road, and nothing will keep him connected to family and friends (and work) better than the Unlocked Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router. The lightweight device easily fits in a carry-on, and is powered by the Qualcomm SnapdragonX55 5G Modem-RF System, which delivers premium performance across all of Dad’s devices. The Nighthawk will help him stay connected from anywhere, anytime. With a secure and reliable network that is password protected, Dad and all his authorized users can also avoid the dangers of connecting to public WiFi while at the airport or hotel. This Father’s Day, help Dad stay connected with one of the best mobile WiFi devices around.

12. Runamok Organic Maple Syrup Aged in WhistlePig Rye Whiskey Barrels

Retail Price: $24.95

Take Father’s Day breakfast to a new level. Photo courtesy of Runamok

Wake Dad up on Sunday, June 19 with the velvety smell of his favorite whiskey paired with fried beignets or fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes. Runamok’s organic maple syrup has been aged in WhistlePig Rye Whiskey barrels for 9 months, resulting in what will surely be Dad’s new favorite barrel-aged maple syrup. Runamok combined two Vermont favorites by aging their pure maple syrup in WhistlePig Rye Whiskey barrels for up to 12 months and offering it in their iconic custom bottle. This delightful syrup is perfect for sweet and savory dishes, as well as cocktails; it might even have a tiny kick as it may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

13. The XP3plus by Sonim

Retail Price: $199.99


Is Dad always dropping his phone? Or is he the type of guy who finds all the apps and icons on an iPhone more annoying than not? Then consider flipping the script this Father’s Day with the XP3plus. Go with something simple. This compact and ultra-rugged flip phone is based on more than ten years of feedback from customer usage in the world’s most extreme environments. The XP3plus is drop proof and waterproof–it can even withstand drops from 1.5 meters onto solid concrete and can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. The 100dB+ ultra-loud and clear audio speaker with noise-cancellation is loud enough to be heard in the noisiest sporting event or family gathering.

14. The Tribeca Field Jacket by Peter Manning

Retail Price: $195

The Tribeca Field Jacket is a ‘can’t miss’ for any Dad on the shorter side. Photo courtesy of Peter Manning

When it comes to stylish clothing for short-stature men, there is no one better to turn to than clothier Peter Manning. For Father’s Day, Worth recommends the clothier‘s first outwear piece, the Tribeca Field Jacket; it will serve Dad or grandpa at home, in the city or out in the country. Made of rugged cotton canvas with a warm flannel lining, it is great on its own or as a layering piece. It’s the perfect year-round jacket for the shorter guy.

15. The Level Lock Door Lock Touch Edition

Retail Price: $329


For the dad who is always looking for the latest in home-gadgetry or home security, consider gifting him a Level Lock Touch Edition this Father’s Day. Level Lock is a new smart lock designed by former engineers at Apple. It combines top technology with the smallest, most unassuming design available, so the whole family can appreciate it. Once installed, it works like a breeze, easily integrating into any household’s home security technology and enabling Dad to access his home effortlessly with a touch, key card, app, voice or regular key. The Level Lock Touch Edition is likely the smallest and most advanced smart lock ever.

16. The Bastion Bolt Action Stainless-Steel Pen

Retail Price: $89.99


If Dad enjoys unique writing implements, then he will really enjoy receiving a Bastion Bolt Action Pen–it’s like no other mechanical pen on the market. Made of premium quality stainless steel, this instrument has a satisfying ‘bolt action’ mechanism that features a secure lock with replaceable but hard-wearing parts. The reassuring weight of the stainless-steel exoskeleton means it will last for decades. The Bastion Bolt Action is the ultimate everyday writing instrument.

17. The Indoor/Outdoor Portable Grill by Pampered Chef

Retail Price: $145

Enjoy the flavor of outdoor BBQ and grilling all year long, wherever. Photo courtesy of Pampered Chef

If Dad loves grilling all year long, then consider this little gem from Pampered Chef. Unlike other BBQ gear which has to be stored away in the garage or backyard shed throughout the winter, this dandy little portable grill works in your home kitchen as well as when you’re enjoying the outdoors. Whether you’re firing up the charcoal for a cookout or gathering friends around the electric grill in your kitchen to cook together, this versatile grill has you covered. This easy-to-use grill converts from electric for indoor or outdoor use to charcoal for outdoor use. The innovative grill grate covers the electric coil to reduce smoke.

18. The Linen Sheet Set by Cultiver

Retail Price: $395

Summer means warm nights, and nothing cools like luxurious linen sheets. Photo courtesy of Cultiver

Cultiver is an Australian luxury home and décor brand that more Americans and Europeans should get to know. As she came up with the contours of the brand, the company’s founder drew upon the fond memories of her childhood travels throughout Eastern Europe, where she was introduced to beautiful, rich textiles–something she felt should be more widely accessible to upscale consumers worldwide. The linen sheet set is sumptuous and inviting; and unlike many other high end brands, they come in a formidable array of both beautiful and classic hues. This is one gift Dad will appreciate as he lays down for a summer slumber. He may even dream of who gave it to him for Father’s Day!

19. The Great American Waffle Iron

Retail Price: $155

Upgrade your Father’s Day breakfast with a genuine piece of cast-iron Americana. Photo courtesy of Appalachian Cast Iron Co.

If Dad’s idea of a great weekend is cooking up breakfast for the family, then he’ll love the Great American Waffle Iron from the Appalachian Cast Iron Co. This cast-iron device cooks as good as it looks; in fact, each iron is hand-finished by the company founder. The waffle imprint design sports a field of 50 stars on the inside, and a bald eagle on the lid. Best of all, a ball-and-socket joint for flipping and stay-cool spring handles mean that, despite its sturdy construction, the kids can still help make breakfast—if they can pry Dad away from the stove!

20. The Nokia XR20 Smartphone

Retail Price: $549.99

At last—a rugged long-lasting smartphone for the Dad who works with his hands. Photo courtesy of Nokia.

For Dads who work with their hands, a smartphone that is designed for the long run has been lacking in the marketplace for some time. Enter the Nokia XR20–a phone that can stand up to just about anything life throws at it while keeping that ‘just out of the box’ new look to it. With an ultra-solid case and the toughest display glass available, this smartphone is scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, temperature-resistant, water-resistant, and kid-and-pet-resistant (well it depends on the kids, of course!) And with all this protection and Nokia’s guarantee of three years of automatic OS upgrades and 4 years of monthly security updates, this is a phone Dad won’t be trading in anytime soon–and that’s good for the environment.

21. Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon

Retail Price: $37 (750 mL)

Aside from being a great tasting bourbon, every bottle sold plants a tree. Photo courtesy of Noble Oak

For those who love bourbon and care about saving the planet, Noble Oak has just the gift. Every bottle sold of their award-winning Double Oak Bourbon triggers the planting of a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted—already, they have committed to planting over 500,000 trees worldwide. With a mission to revitalize the earth by planting trees, building communities and of course enjoying whiskey and bourbon, Noble Oak has created an elegantly balanced and bold bourbon that is double oak matured–first aging in Charred New American White Oak barrels followed by a unique finishing that delivers an unrivaled body and flavor.

22. The Copper Set by Made In

Retail Price: $1,199

If Dad is a gourmet, look no further than this deluxe copper cookware set from Made In. Photo courtesy of Made In

For the cuisinier who knows his way around a kitchen, nothing beats the performance and aesthetics of copper cookware. Known for its superior conductivity, it is the preferred cooking vessel for top chefs across the world. Fabricated in France, this gleaming three-piece set by Made In features the company’s signature performance details like its stay-cool handle, stainless steel cooking surface and ergonomic design for maneuverability. Its superior responsiveness comes from its composition of 90 percent Copper and 10 percent Stainless Steel. This is one set, which includes a saucepan, a saucier and rondeau, is a gift for the true epicure; it will take Dad’s veal stock reduction, mushroom risotto and boeuf bourguignon to entirely new levels

23. The EarView MD

Retail Price: $74.99


This may be a present for you just as much as for Dad. Say sayonara to sights of Dad poking around in his ear with a Q-tip, fishing for earwax. Enter EarView MD by ear care biotech company Eosera. It’s a smart otoscope with a high-definition camera that delivers a live feed of the external ear canal straight to your smartphone or tablet. Created and recommended by doctors, the product comes with two earwax removal scoops so Dad can remove debris as soon as he, or the family gawking at the images over his shoulder, spot it. The potential for earwax impaction increases as we get older, as well as among those who wear hearing aids, earbuds or earplugs. With smart technology, this device is the perfect tool to help fathers and grandfathers stay on top of their ear health and identify excess earwax buildup before it gets out of control. It’s compatible with all Android and Apple devices.

24. Greenworks: Pro 60V 21-inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Retail Price: $599.99

It’s the Tesla of lawn mowers. Photo courtesy of Greenworks

With summer under way, it might be time to transform the way Dad does yard work with the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch Brushless Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower—it’s the Tesla of lawn machines. Its starts with the simple push of a button and delivers 60 minutes of uninterrupted power. The unit was built with a self-propelled drive system with variable speed rear-wheel drive to tackle any terrain and has cutting-edge tech that automatically adjusts blade speed to meet any cutting condition. Best of all,  this lawn mower requires little to no maintenance and is equipped with a 4-in-1 design to mulch, bag, side discharge and leaf pickup, taking out all the hassle of lawn maintenance.

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25. The Studio 3D Mini Audio System

Retail Price: $899

The perfect gift for the audiophile dad. Photo courtesy of Definitive Technology

Perfect for the movie-loving, audiophile dad, the Studio 3D Mini will transform his viewing and listening experience. This mini soundbar system comes equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility, delivering a theater-grade cinematic experience. Its sleek and compact design allows it to fit right into any existing feng shui. The 4.1 channel system is engineered to fill the room with a big, natural sound stage that Dad will appreciate. Best feature: the system easily syncs with Apple iOS devices and Roku TV devices for seamless connectivity.

26. Idrese Custom Shoes

(Custom pairs start in the $300 range)

Bespoke gentleman’s footwear. A must this Father’s Day. Photo courtesy of Idrese

Looking for a double strap monk shoe in Florantic military green with blackwatch vents and an amber-colored leather soles that have an imprint of Marilyn Monroe? Look no further than Idrese which offers the ultimate in bespoke men’s footwear. With scores of different colors, patterns, leathers, finishes and other dooDads, you can design the shoes of your dreams–all from the comfort of your laptop. Or you can gift a pair to Dad and let him make all of the design decisions. All of Idrese’s dress shoes are made in Spain.

27. The Duxiana Travel Pillow

Retail Price: $139

The Duxiana travel pillow—don’t leave home without it! Photo courtesy of Duxiana

Is your dad a road warrior? Mad Max in a cardigan and chinos? Well, make sure that even if he is one of those guys who is always on the go, he can still catch a comfortable snooze. Whether he is cruising at 35,000 ft. or zipping up and down the Acela corridor at 150 mph, the Duxiana Travel Pillow will not let him down. It’s a compact travel pillow that exudes luxury. Filled with white goose down and wrapped in a 100 percent cotton cover, the Duxiana comes with a 300 thread-count sateen pillowcase. Ideal for flights, trains, or even hotel rooms when that extra level of comfort and support are necessary. Best feature: it’s machine washable and dryable. Dad can send it through the washer and dryer after his trip is over and the fluffy white pillow also folds in half to fit inside a black zippered carry bag, complete with a convenient handle.

28. Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS

Retail Price: $299.99

A GPS fitness watch on steroids. Photo courtesy of Mobvoi

One of the biggest trends in tech over the last few years has been the emergence of wearable health trackers. If Dad has been late to the game and is serious about tracking his health and fitness goals, then we recommend checking out Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS featuring Wear OS by Google. This snazzy wearable uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform to support a reliable speedy dual-display system and sports up to 45 days of continuous battery life. It has an always-on advanced heart rate detection system and offers more than 100 workout modes to track your fitness and health data. Best feature: GPS tracking location services and barometer will make sure Dad never gets lost or stranded.

29. The Morning Dram Coffee Starter Kit

Retail Price: $99

Barrel-aged coffee beans. Need we say more? Photo courtesy of Morning Dram

Is Dad a caffeine addict like the rest of us? If so, consider gifting him the Morning Dram Coffee Starter Kit, a line of barrel-aged coffee inspired by the commonality between fine spirits and quality coffee, where aficionados enjoy savoring the experience through each note and layer of their drink. The Morning Dram was created with the spirits drinker in mind, even though there is no alcohol at play; in fact, the only ingredient is pretty obvious: high quality coffee beans with a distinctive flavor stemming from the beans’ time in the barrel, a process that mirrors the whiskey-making process, where barrels are carefully chosen to provide flavor and finish to the liquid aged within. The Morning Dram Coffee Starter-Kit includes Bourbon, Rye, and House Blend No.1 (non-barrel aged) varieties, a stainless-steel dripper, a camp mug, and, of course, a handheld burr grinder. A perfect gift for any dad who loves good whiskey and a great cup of coffee.

30. The Layla Weighted Blanket

Retail Price: $240 (King Size)

This is one blanket that will really make falling—and staying—asleep a lot easier. Photo courtesy of Layla

Dads have a lot of responsibilities and even more on their minds. A little extra weight at night is proven to help improve restless nights. What better gift for Father’s Day than the gift of sleep? It might just be the ultimate token of appreciation. He’ll sleep better, feel better, and overall, just be better. This weighted blanket comes with a reversible design and is machine washable. One side is plush and cozy, and the other is soft cotton. Unlike most weighted blankets, this one does not make noise when you move around. Its hexagon quilting distributes tiny glass beads across the entire blanket.

31. The Renpho Smart Bike

Retail Price: $599.99

Take Dad’s indoor exercise to a new level. Photo courtesy of Renpho

Is Dad still using an old stationary bike he purchased in the early 2000s? Or does he have a Peloton he simply doesn’t use because it’s too complicated or finds the social aspect of group exercise unnerving? This Father’s Day let’s upgrade his indoor workouts with a Renpho AI Smart Bike that not only tracks performance but also generates routines tailored to the user—making for a truly bespoke workout. And it’s all automatic. It’s almost as if Dad will have a personal trainer at his side. Best feature: The Smart Bike connects to every fitness app.

32. Alfa Brio Outdoor At-Home Pizza Oven

Retail Price: $4,199

Upgrade Dad’s outdoor cooking game with the Brio pizza oven. This is a can’t miss gift the whole family will enjoy for years. Photo courtesy of Alfa

Does Dad love pizza? Wait–don’t answer. Who doesn’t? Dad can now create a pizza at home that’s as good as anything he’ll find west of Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. Meet the Alfa Brio pizza oven, hand crafted near Rome, Italy. The Brio is a hybrid oven that can cook with either wood or gas and goes from 0 degrees to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 minutes, cooking two pizzas in 90 seconds flat. Alfa’s ovens offer a special technology that will enable Dad to cook pizza just like a professional using a wood-fired oven at a pizzeria, ensuring an even bake, a perfect crust and exquisitely cooked toppings.

33. Bisquit & Dubouché’s V.S.O.P

Retail Price: $73 (750mL)

This is one cognac beloved by connoisseurs and novices alike, making it especially appealing across the spectrum of dads out there. Photo courtesy of Bisquit & Dubouché

If Dad loves a good cognac, consider getting him a bottle of Bisquit & Dubouché’s V.S.O.P for Father’s Day–it’s an exceptional cognac mainly elaborated from the most prestigious eaux-de-vie of Petite and Grande Champagne. The V.S.O.P is characterized by its warm amber color with a bouquet of ripe fruits, honey, and sweet spice aromas such as cinnamon and clove, underscored with rose floral touches on the nose. The taste features a seductive blend of vanilla and caramel, with a subtle smoothness led by notes of honey, fig and dark fruits. Bisquit & Dubouché V.S.O.P. is a luxury and authentic cognac crafted in the Cognac region in France. The flagship V.S.O.P. is beloved by connoisseurs and novices alike, and is renowned for its smoothness and bouquet, making it a great libationary gift for lots of dads this Father’s Day.

34. Bolderton Canvas Soft-Side Field Cooler

Retail Price: $139.99

Make sure Dad has a classy way to lug around refreshments this summer. Photo courtesy of The Sportsman Guide

This is no ordinary cooler. Bolderton’s canvas chiller not only has a great aesthetic but it’s as practical (and durable) as it is good looking. It can hold up to 30 standard-sized beer or soda cans with plenty of extra room for ice. The durable canvas shell keeps its shape (no sweating!) while providing supports that make over-the-shoulder carrying a breeze. The oversized zipper makes for easy access and the six external pockets are great for stashing snacks, car keys and more. Dad will love it whether he is chilling at the beach with the kiddos, out camping with the guys or taking in the 4th of July Fireworks with the grandkids. Available for sale at The Sportsman Guide.

35. The Securitime 26-inch Trunk Spinner by Delsey Paris

Retail Price: $309.99

Make sure Dad travels in style this summer. Photo courtesy of Delsey Paris

With COVID-19 largely (knock on wood!) in the rearview mirror and “revenge travel” now a thing, millions of fathers worldwide will be hitting the road, sky and high seas for some much needed R&R. If this happens to describe what your dad is incessantly talking about doing this summer, Worth recommends the Securitime 26-inch trunk spinner by Delsey Paris. With its metallic effect design, this innovative and sturdy trunk format includes an expansion zipper to accommodate larger items, as well as lining dividers to keep belongings in place. The form factor is ideal for all long trips–especially road trips since its shape fits perfectly in the trunk of a car. With a convenient grab-and-go front handle, Dad will find it easy to grab and handle.

36. The Venus Williams Legend Collection by Ghost Bed

Retail Price: $4,094 (King-size Mattress & Adjustable Base)

Invite Dad to get a good night’s sleep fit for world-class tennis champ Venus Williams. Photo courtesy of Ghost Bed

Co-designed by tennis champ Venus Williams and her award-winning interior design team, V Starr, the Venus Williams Collection by GhostBed is the bed you need to get for Dad this Father’s Day. As any elite athlete knows, sleep is vital for recovery after training and competition, but anyone can benefit from a great night of sleep. No matter what “Dad stage” your father is in, parenting is a lifelong job and even when the kiddos all are all grown up, it still requires a ton of energy. The older we get, the more sleep plays a role in our overall health. With the Venus Williams Collection by GhostBed comes a gel memory foam mattress that offers cooling and cozy contouring, while the exclusive Venus FIT Layer helps tired muscles recover with far infrared technology. The mattress includes a sustainably made, cool-to-the-touch cover and durable base foam for long-lasting support. And don’t forget to add the adjustable base to keep Dad’s head elevated or even watching some late-night TV.

37. Club Corto Olive Oil Subscription

Retail Price: $210 a year (3 deliveries)

A subscription to a year’s worth of top-notch California olive oil. Photo courtesy of Corto

Give Dad a subscription to the freshest olive oil this side of the Atlantic with Corto, a 100 percent California olive oil brand beloved by chefs across every type of cuisine. Corto olives are harvested in the fall when antioxidants are at their peak, and after being picked, the fruit is rushed to Corto’s onsite mill and the oil is cold-extracted within hours of harvest. Corto’s oxygen-free FlavorLock boxes and dark bottles block light, air and heat to maintain maximum freshness. A year-long subscription to the Club Corto includes virtual olive oil tasting opportunities with one of Corto’s master millers and early access to limited-edition oils. Corto’s Pantry Collection subscription ensures that three times a year Dad will be getting the very best North American olive oil available, delivered right to his doorstep.

38. The Havana Carbon Fiber Humidor by Olive & Cocoa

Retail Price: $264

A stylish carbon humidor for the cigar aficionado in the family. Photo courtesy of Olive & Cocoa

The Havana Carbon Fiber Humidor delivers unparalleled craftsmanship for the father who needs to protect and preserve his cigar collection. Crafted of a carbon fiber composite, the Olive & Cocoa Havana Carbon Fiber Humidor is a small and compact premium humidor that is lined with cedar, has an adjustable partition and includes a magnetic humidifier. It’s ideal for taking on road trips.

39. Leather Passport Holder

Retail Price: $98

Dad and his travel docs can cruise through Europe in classic style this summer. Photo courtesy of Misc. Goods

Dad can upgrade his international travel with the Leather Passport Holder by Misc. Goods. The stylish wallet has six pockets for carrying up to 24 cards and a section for securely tucking away one’s passport. The passport holder features a wrap-around design fastened by a brass snap and comes with a leather wrist cord. Manufactured in the US, this passport wallet is timeless in form and use, both for travel at home and abroad.

40. VAVA 2K Webcam

Retail Price: $69.99

An elegant and powerful webcam that will go beyond just about any of Dad’s remote work needs. Photo courtesy of VAVA

Whether Dad is looking to upgrade his image for video conferences, enjoys live-streaming or simply wants to have a better connection to friends and family who are far away, he will certainly enjoy the power of the new ultra-modern 2k webcam from VAVA. Known for creating innovative technology for simplifying modern life, VAVA’s Webcam is ready to take Dad’s conference calls, Zoom classes, and, dare we say, Twitch streams to a new level of clarity. Its convenient plug-and-play design features full HD resolution, top of the line noise-filtering mics, precision autofocus, and a 360 degree head.

41. The A5 Wagyu Pinnacle Flight by Holy Grail Steak Co.

Retail Price: $799

This top Wagyu flight of strip steaks is something to behold. Photo courtesy of Holy Grail Steak Co.

If Dad loves steak than here is a sure bet: a flight of the Holy Grail Steak Co.’s top three Japanese A5 Wagyu strip steaks. You simply won’t find a better flight of Wagyu beef on the planet.  The flight includes strip steaks of Kobe Beef, a name given only to the top cattle of the Hyogo Prefecture regions and limited to A4 and A5 grade only–truly the cream of the crop; Sendai Beef, originating from the home to the Wagyu Olympics, situated in one of the northernmost prefectures in Japan; and Maezawa Beef, from Ogata Farms in the Iwate prefecture of Japan representing the highest quality of beef from Japan and considered a true rarity.

42. Procera African Juniper Gin

Retail Price: $84.99 (740 mL)

First of all, the Procera bottle is made of hand-blown glass, and each one is truly a work of art. Inside you will find a smooth African elixir distilled from fresh juniper berries. Distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, each bottle of Procera gin also features dozens of other botanicals sourced from across Africa to round out this spirit’s palate. For example: pink peppercorns come from Madagascar, the coriander and orris roots are sourced in Morocco, and the cardamom and mace flavors are brought in from the Tanzanian archipelago of islands best known in the West as Zanzibar. Each sip of Procera is a mouthful of Africa. Dad will love it.

 43. The ATN 4K Smart Binoculars with Night Vision

Retail Price: $899

The only pair of binoculars Dad will ever need – no matter where his interests lie. Photo courtesy of ATN

If Dad is a hunter, birdwatcher, golfer, camper or outdoor enthusiast, the new ATN BINOX 4K with night vision and built-in rangefinder might be the ideal gift this Father’s Day. From giving him an edge on the 17th hole at Ocean Course to pursuing his passions as an amateur ornithologist to stalking an elusive ibex in the Pyrenees, this is the pair of binoculars Dad has always dreamed of having at his side. The 4k Ultra HD technology, combined with ATN’s cutting-edge Dual Core Processor, gives users unsurpassed image quality with richer and more vivid color tones, providing a visual experience like none other. For years, ATN has been a global trailblazer in high-performance tactical night vision and thermal imaging optics which has made it a favorite among those who live for the great outdoors. This device will record all of Dad’s experiences in stunning 1080p with live streaming and HD video recording capabilities to capture that once in a lifetime moment. Users can insert a micro-SD card and film their excursions without any additional USB cables or additional devices and can bring their adventures back home and share with friends, family and on social media. Best feature: the binoculars have over 16 hours of active use and are extremely handy when the closest wall socket is miles away. If Dad’s passions lie in the great outdoors, he will really appreciate this device.

44. The House of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

Retail Price: $249.99

An elegant and sustainable Bluetooth-enabled vinyl record player. Photo courtesy of House of Marley

If Dad is an audiophile, he will definitely love receiving House of Marley’s Stir It Up Wireless Turntable; it’s a unique gift for any dad who loves vinyl and helping the environment, as the unit is largely crafted from sustainable materials. With Bluetooth connectivity, Dad can choose to pair this wireless turntable with speakers to listen with the whole family or earbuds, if he chooses to jam out alone. Its sleek design is crafted from solid bamboo, recycled plastic, and recyclable aluminum; it exudes Bob Marley’s love for music and planet. Plus, the contrast between the warm bamboo plinth and aluminum platter makes for a stunning statement piece that will look stylish on display in any home. This gift idea is sure to wow Dad this Father’s Day.  

45. The Knox Home Security and Safety Kit by SimpliSafe

Retail Price: $464.87

This gift will keep both you and Dad feeling secure about his home security. Photo courtesy of SimlpiSafe

Dads of all ages will appreciate receiving the Knox Home Security and Safety Kit by SimpliSafe. Ideal for a large home, the Knox Kit enables users to defend their homes from intruders, with a focus on protecting the many entry points of a large home. Its wireless design provides reliable, multilayer protection and avoids interruptions from cut phone lines and power outages. Best feature: it connects to an app for remote operation and has a subscription model for interactive account monitoring. The 13-piece Knox Kit includes a base station, keypad, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a smoke detector, keyfob and wireless siren.

46. Allurez Men’s Swiss Chronograph Black Dial Luminous Leather Watch

Retail Price: $750

Swiss craftsmanship meets US manufacturing. Photo courtesy of Allurez

With watches, the sky is the limit as far as how much you can expect to pay–especially when you are dealing with Swiss craftsmanship. But if you are looking for a terrific option for a watch for Dad that won’t break the bank, consider the Chronograph Black Dial Luminous by Allurez. This premier Allurez branded timepiece is crafted with precision from premium Swiss materials in the US. It is hand-crafted and sports a black stainless-steel dial with rose accents in addition to the genuine black leather straps, making it a versatile addition to any man’s collection. Best of all, it can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

47. Cyetus All in One Home Barista Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

Retail Price: $479.99

Make sure Dad gets his daily caffeine fix. Photo courtesy of Cyetus

If there is a father, grandfather or other father-figure in your life who loves getting a jolt of java to start the day, then how about gifting him a professional-grade espresso machine by Cyetus, optimized for home use? With professional high-pressure extraction, a powerful steam wand, and 30 grind settings to meet Dad’s exacting demands, this is one device any coffee-lover will enjoy for years to come.

48. Schumacher DSR125 4-Bank Charging Station

Retail Price: $327.99

Never let Dad be left without a charge! This charging station from Schumacher can charge up to four cars, boats or motorcycles all at once. Photo courtesy of  Schumacher

Summer is upon us and for many dads that means it’s time to bring out the toys: motorcycles, boats, convertibles…you name it. But if they have been sitting idle all winter, charging up the batteries can be a pain–which is why you may want to consider gifting the father-figure in your life a Schumacher DSR125 V/12v 4-bank automatic battery charging station this Father’s Day. With four charging banks, the DSR125 has the power to hook up and fully charge four different batteries at once including standard, AGM, gel, deep-cycle, and LiFePO4 batteries. Each charging bank can charge with 6V or 12V batteries–and for double the charging speed when you’re in a hurry, two banks can connect to the same battery. The DSR125 is easy to use with four, clear and easy-to-read digital displays on each bank and is super durable and easily transported with its heavy-duty steel case and handle. For all your dad’s battery needs, the DSR125 is the perfect Father’s Day Gift to make sure that his batteries are charged, healthy and in tip-top shape.

49. (Tie) Narwal T10, 2-in-1 Robot Mop & Vacuum with Automatic Mop Cleaning Station

Retail Price: $1,049

The Narwal T-10 just might be the best 2-in-1 Robot Mop/Vacuums on the market. If Dad doesn’t have one of these fast-charging and fast-cleaning gizmos yet, this might be the year to bring him into the modern era of house cleaning. Worth likes the Narwal T10 and the RoboRock Q7 (see below) which is why we made this gift idea a tie. We tested out the Narwal and it is certainly easy to use and maintain. One click is all that’s needed to make the T10 build a map, vacuum, mop and return home. Best feature: the Narwal is deadly quiet, designed to minimize noise and not disturb even a baby’s restful sleep.

49. (Tie) Roborock Q7 Max+ Robot Vacuum

Retail Price: $869.99

Although slightly less expensive than the Narwal T10, the Q7 Max+ from Roborock doesn’t hold any punches. Dad will love having this helper around the house to clean up after the little messes that life throws at him. Worth loved the virtual “no-go zones” that can keep the Q7 Max+ out of sensitive areas where someone is sleeping, or perhaps where Dad has important documents laid out on the floor. This latest Roborock unit combines a wide range of effective robot vacuum technologies that deliver uncompromising vacuuming effectiveness, incredible ease of use, and the convenience of the brand’s signature Auto-Empty Dock Pure which can go a whole seven weeks without emptying (unless, of course, the grandkids are staying over!) Whether you go with the Narwal or Roborock this Father’s Day, Dad can’t go wrong.

50. The Governor Sipping Olive Oil Bundle

Retail Price: $138 (two 500 mL bottles)

Greek olive oil for sipping at its finest. Photo courtesy of Kyoord

Greece is home to some of the most premium varietals of olive oil on earth. These olive fruit elixirs are known for their extraordinary health benefits, and now Greek olive oil producer Kyoord is bringing its two most premium offerings together–premium and limited editions of its famous Governor brands–for a special Father’s Day sipping bundle. Grown and distilled in Corfu, the Premium edition is the perfect marriage of exquisite taste and health benefits. It has a robust flavor profile yet is surprisingly balanced with fruity notes and herbal bouquet. The Limited edition, also from the Olive Fabrica of Corfu, features 15 percent more polyphenols, making it the ultimate healthy olive oil. Take every morning, or drizzle on your favorite foods to enhance their flavor and increase their nutrient content. We love its peppery finish.

51. The Tempest Weather System

Retail Price: $329

Now Dad can go mano-a-mano with his favorite TV meteorologist. Photo courtesy of Weather Flow

Does Dad always tune in 20 minutes into the local news just to catch the weather forecast? Or does he start off every long-distance phone call by asking about the weather? If so, then boy do we have the ultimate gift for him: The Tempest Weather System. This device reports temperature, solar radiation/UV index, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, lightning, rainfall and more. It’s like having Al Roker in your backyard 24/7. Link your Tempest data to dozens of smart home and garden apps & integrations to save time and money with a home that can optimize itself. One of the things Worth likes the best about this product is how its revolutionary design has no moving parts, meaning there is virtually no maintenance required.

52. PureCare’s Body Chemistry SoftCell Comfy Pillow

Retail Price: $210 (King Size pillow)

Give Dad a pillow that will have him more refreshed and rejuvenated than he ever thought possible. Photo courtesy of PureCare

PureCare’s Body Chemistry SoftCell Comfy pillow combines comfort with the wellness benefits of Celliant recovery fibers. Extensively researched, developed and clinically tested, these fibers promote a temporary increase in blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals, promoting increased performance, faster recovery time from physical activity and help with the promotion of restful sleep.

53. The Guide Gear Commercial Grade Meat Grinder from The Sportsman Guide

Retail Price: $599.99

If Dad is into hunting and field-to-table cuisine, nothing will beat this meat grinder from Guide Gear. Photo courtesy of The Sportsman Guide

If your dad or grandpa is big into the hunting scene and the red-hot trend in field-to-table cuisine, nothing will hit the spot like the Guide Gear #22 Electric Commercial Grade Meat Grinder, available at the Sportsman Guide. This 1 hp stainless steel grinder can accommodate three gauges of sausage stuffing tubes (15mm, 25mm and 35mm) and can grind up to over 9 pounds per minute. Each unit includes a sausage stuffing plate, commercial-grade meat pan, food pusher and specialized cutting knife.

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54. Mijenta Tequila Anejo Gran Reserva

Retail Price: $199.99 (750 mL)

If Dad is a seasoned tequilero or agave enthusiast, this is one elixir that will go down easy on Father’s Day. Photo courtesy of Mijenta

Yes, it carries a two-Benjamin price tag, but this Jalisco elixir is worth every penny. If Dad knows and appreciates a good tequila, then this Día del Padre you won’t go wrong with a bottle of Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva–the most exclusive and refined expression to date from Mijenta Tequila, the award-winning, sustainable tequila from the Jalisco Highlands. Each bottle is liquid gold agave, aged 18 months in a series of hand-selected casks to create a unique and sophisticated flavor profile. The Añejo Gran Reserva is what in the tequila industry is referred to as an “ultra-premium small-batch spirit”–the first release is limited to just 2,160 bottles. So not only does it have an amazing flavor profile, but it’s not one many dads will be able to enjoy– except yours (and his friends!)

55. Luxe Firewood by Cutting Edge

Retail Price: $159

Albeit somewhat sui generis, firewood might just be the unique and luxe gift you have been seeking for the pitmaster or outdoor kiln-fired pizza maker in your life. Photo courtesy of Cutting Edge

Firewood may seem like a somewhat untraditional Father’s Day gift, but if Dad is an outdoor grill-master who appreciates the value of cooking over quality wood, we recommend Cutting Edge Firewood’s Cooking Wood Chunks. This is a thoughtful gift for the man who knows how to channel fire into the creation of delicious eats. Cutting Edge’s ultra-premium luxe cooking wood splits are kiln-dried and burn bright, clean and hot. Dad can experiment with four different smoke flavor profiles and burn strengths with the Cutting Edge variety cooking wood split box: pecan, cherry, hickory and oak. (This gift might be a nice accompaniment to the Alfa Brio pizza oven. (See Gift Idea #32.) The 8-inch split size is perfect for smaller grills and smokers, plus it’s already in a beautiful box and ready to give to Dad. 

56. The EvaSolo Kitchen SmartMat by Cribsi

Retail Price: $49.95

This thingy is a must-have for every modern kitchen. Photo courtesy of Cribsi

The best word for this all-purpose kitchen contraption is, literally, “thingy.” Part hot pad for setting down steaming hot pans and kettles, part multi-purpose digital device stand, this rugged rubber smart-mat should be a staple on just about every center island in a modern kitchen. Dad will love it as he can eat his cereal in the morning or sip on a glass of Pinot at night while he catches up on email and news from his phone or tablet. The best feature of all is that it has different-sized grooves at various angles so that Dad can place his phone or tablet exactly as he wants–unless, of course, someone else in the house snatches it first!

57. Dartwood Solar Power Bank

Retail Price: $44.99

Never let Dad be left without a charge! The Dartwood Power Bank acts as a solar charging station on the go. Photo courtesy of Wasserstein

Wasserstein is known as the go-to hub for all types of magic gadgetry and this Father’s Day, Worth is recommending the Dartwood Solar Power Bank as one of the year’s “can’t-miss gifts.” Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, this is no ordinary charger. The Dartwood comes in a well-built frame made with high-grade materials, built to last. The power bank has a 16000mah capacity with two USB ports and a wireless output that can charge three devices simultaneously without slowing down. If Dad is an outdoors guy and has access to the sun above, he will always be guaranteed a charge for his devices.

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