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Worth Trying: A Fall-Forward Escape From the City at River House at Odette’s

On a weekend trip to New Hope, our digital editor found herself able to relax in style at a new luxury boutique hotel that sits right on the riverfront.

Exterior of River House at Odette's. Photo courtesy of River House at Odette's

It’s 5:25 p.m. on a Saturday night, and I’m sitting in a big comfy bed with just enough pillows to be cozy but not crowded. When I look to my left, I can see through the slats of my balcony doors, which lead out to the most incredible view this time of year. Sure, it’s not a beach, but I’d say for someone who loves fall like me, it’s much better. My balcony overlooks the Delaware River and its rapids below hills of fiery red, golden yellow, burnt orange and forest green trees. It’s a view I don’t imagine ever growing tired of. It’s a view I’ll happily sit outside in 46-degree weather to take in. And it is from my room at New Hope, Penn.’s River House at Odette’s, a hotel that opened its doors in September but has history that dates back to the ‘60s, where I enjoy this scenic view. This view is my absolute favorite part about this hotel, but it’s not the only thing I enjoy.

The thing that first struck me about the hotel is the aesthetic. General manager Theresa Fera described it to me as eclectic, and that’s certainly accurate, but I would also add that I find the hotel’s design aesthetic to be that of a cozy, modern cabin in some of the main spaces, whereas I find the rooms are much more eclectic. The rooms are absolutely stunning, from the beautiful wallpaper of painted flowers to the gray wood paneling to the muted teal desk, drawers and nightstand to the big, comfy green chair and ottoman in the corner of the room and all the colorful abstract paintings throughout the bedroom and the bathroom. I thoroughly enjoyed just looking at everything.

One of the rooms at River House. Photo courtesy of River House at Odette’s

This was true of my entire stay in New Hope. If you’re taking a trip here, then you’re not expecting the opulence of a city, so much as some time to unwind amidst beautiful natural surroundings. And that’s exactly what I got. River House sits right beside the Delaware River, making it a stunning place to take a long walk, which I did. I took in the river, but I also wandered a bit further over to the Delaware Canal State Park. Not only did I learn much about the canallers of times past, but I also got to see a lot of the shops in New Hope. This coupled with fantastic advice from the hotel’s concierge led me to go into town later and enjoy the Scarecrow Festival in Peddler’s Village, an area of town with lots of artisan and independent shops. I picked up some Christmas presents for my family and a new cookbook for myself.

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And while I enjoyed getting to know the town of New Hope, my favorite part of my stay was just relaxing in my room, watching movies while sprawled across jewel-toned pillows and glancing out my balcony to see the river. Though I will say, I also loved dining at the members-only club Roof at the top of the hotel. This club is incredibly popular, as the waitlist is closed, but all registered overnight hotel guests are welcome to stop in for a drink or a bite. And I think you should. Not only is the space so gorgeously appointed, from the deep blue, bronze and green accents to outdoor seating with fluffy blankets, heaters and a roaring fireplace, but the food and drinks were fantastic. I had the sweet potato gnocchi with a chipotle beet sauce, and it was unlike anything I’ve had before. That chipotle beet sauce is really something special.

Roof during lunch. Photo courtesy of River House at Odette’s

I would recommend River House at Odette’s if you’re looking to take an extended weekend trip out of the city and just get some real time in amongst nature to relax and slow down for a bit. I would make note of COVID protocols, such as housekeeping not entering your room during your stay, that will change your hotel-going experience. I would also note that this hotel is brand new, and because of that, during my stay, it felt a little bit like they were still getting their footing, but I don’t feel that’s unexpected, especially being a brand-new hotel during a global pandemic.

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Overall, it appears to me that the staff are more than happy to try an accommodate whatever it is you might need. I found the staff to be particularly friendly and helpful, especially Laura Duffy at concierge, who enthusiastically walked me through a bunch of great options for things to do that matched who I am and what I like. Another standout is the sommelier Sean Caviston, who walked me through some craft cocktails they offer at their main restaurant Odette’s and did a short Chardonnay tasting with me, resulting in finding my new favorite Chardonnay (a Sandhi, if you were curious). He offers wine packages with dinner at Odette’s, the hotel’s main restaurant, where you can do a much more extended wine tasting with him, and if wine is your thing, I would totally recommend doing this, as he is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable without being unapproachable.

Odette’s dining room. Photo courtesy of River House at Odette’s

As COVID rates rise throughout the country, it’s not lost on me that many won’t want to travel right now, but I would suggest you keep River House at Odette’s top of mind when you are ready to travel again and are in need of a place that is a destination unto itself which will allow you to relax in style.

See Micki’s weekend at River House at Odette’s on our Instagram here.

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