Robert Chase

Robert Chase is the CEO of Visit Barbados

Having spent the last three decades in the field of marketing, Robert Chase’s role as Interim Chief Executive Officer of the national destination marketing company, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, for the iconic destination of Barbados, home of Rihanna, taps in to Robert’s love of strategic competitive marketing. Having started his marketing career and marketing training with IBM, the global technology company that transitioned to a market leader in services delivered via technology, this was a fitting start to his marketing career. The holder of a M. Sc. In E-commerce, and the Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation, Robert’s love of digital marketing has been honed over the years to meet the challenge of the new paradigm of marketing which rides on the super-highway and is encapsulated in the realm of big data. Having held head of marketing roles in a number of regional service companies and carried out European Union funded marketing consulting work for the Caribbean, Robert’s marketing of services led in 2016 to his current role in Tourism Marketing. Balancing career with family and community service, Robert is a Rotarian and the father of Dr. Courtenay Chase; and with his wife Gail he is the non-executive Chairman of their family business IMS which provides business process outsourced services to e-commerce companies. An avid sports enthusiast, Robert still competes at the national level as a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan karate.