Milton Pedraza

Milton Pedraza is the CEO of the Luxury Institute and a private investor

Milton Pedraza is the CEO of the Luxury Institute and a private investor. Today, Luxury Institute is the world’s most trusted research, training, and elite business solutions partner for luxury and premium goods and services brands. With the largest global network of luxury executives and experts, Luxury Institute has the ability to provide its clients with high-performance, leading-edge business solutions developed by the best, most successful minds in the industry.

Over the last 17 years, we have served over 1,100 luxury and premium goods and services brands. We have conducted more quantitative and qualitative research with affluent, wealthy and uber-wealthy consumers than any other entity. This knowledge has led to the development of our scientifically proven high-performance, emotional intelligence-based education system that dramatically improves brand culture and financial performance.

Milton advises and coaches luxury CEOs and advises and serves on the boards of top-tier luxury and premium brands, as well as luxury and premium startups. He is a member of the Advisory Board at the Ultra High Net Worth Institute. He is a frequent speaker at corporate events worldwide. He is known for his practical, innovative and humanistic insights and recommendations on luxury and high performance. Milton is the most quoted global luxury industry expert in leading media and publications. He is a recognized investor and authority on the Personal Data Economy, Privacy and Personalization, Customer Relationship Management and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Prior to founding the Luxury Institute, his successful career at Fortune 100 companies included executive roles at Altria, PepsiCo, Colgate, Citigroup and Wyndham Worldwide.

Milton is a frequent guest speaker at Columbia University and has presented at Harvard. He has been recognized as a top Latin Entrepreneur by Stanford Business School.

Milton was born in Colombia, raised in the United States, and has lived in several countries. He has conducted business in over 100 countries and speaks several languages.