Ambassador Shabazz

Diplomat, Lecturer, Consultant & Professor for Corporations, Academia, Foundations and Global Forums

A most sought after and captivating speaker throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, she is inspired by her Parents, theirs and theirs before them. For Ambassador Shabazz, it has been a most natural, hence lifelong devotion to focus on the aspirational side of human, societal and business development with strategic evaluation, practical investment and enrichment outcomes for “definitive beneficiaries” — that has been most fulfilling in her career.

Raised in Westchester County, New York, Ambassador Shabazz is the eldest of six daughters born to Dr. Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X Shabazz. She graduated from the United Nations International School at 17 and entered Briarcliff College the following fall semester, majoring in International Law with a minor in English.

A producer, writer and diplomat she has spent over 38 years offering keynote addresses, while developing curriculums and programs for educational institutions, executive forums, diplomatic networks, penal systems, conferences and human service organizations globally– with the
purpose to motivate and encourage the young and mature alike to recognize the value in and appreciation of — diverse cultural engagement, traditional rights of passage and perspectives, thus a genuine respect for oneself and others.

In 1996, she established the Pilgrimage Foundation in honor of her Father’s spiritual journey to the Holy land. “It offered him the ‘Light of Understanding’ and confirmed his vision for our Oneness” she states. Ambassador Shabazz is the founder of Tapestry Bridge, Legacy Inc.,“Everybody Has One”, the Pilgrimage Foundation, Inc., The Humanity Passport Project and the Malcolm X Shabazz Birthplace & Foundation.

Upon years of personal service, the former Prime Minister of Belize, recognized her as a key advisor on International Cultural Affairs & Project Development. In 2002, he appointed her as the Ambassador-at-Large representing the country of Belize internationally and in perpetuity.

Ambassador Shabazz’ hope is to motivate and inspire one to have a better understanding of his or her history, the world around them and their constructive place in it. Thus to encourage a positive self- concept, she affirms, “It is within you to be ALL that your dreams imagine”.