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Discover: Fouquet’s New York

Visit the Groupe Barrière Hotel Fouquet’s New York location. An exquisite 97-room luxury hotel with a pedigree.

Photo via Groupe Barriere

Walking down Greenwich Street in Manhattan, I noticed something was very different. Where there was once a barren wasteland of decomposing warehouses and tenement buildings, there is now an exquisite 97-room luxury hotel: Fouquet’s New York. The Groupe Barrière owners have a pedigree, being fourth-generation hoteliers with world-class properties in St. Barth’s, Cannes, Paris (on the Champs-Elysées), and the French alpine skiing destination of Courchevel, among others.  The interior design, with a strong art deco theme, is immaculate. Management says it honors the area’s industrialism and Parisian elegance. The effect, whatever the dichotomous inspiration, is stunning. There’s a duplex penthouse suite called “Le Grand Appartement Terrasse,” along with two restaurants: Fouquet’s New York, based on the owner’s famous Parisian brasserie Fouquet’s, and Par Ici Café, with a vegetarian menu. The Titsou bar is fashioned after a Paris Speakeasy. This hotel is going to be a winner.

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