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Discover Charleston’s Heartbeat Through the Dewberry

The Dewberry’s unique mid-century property and location offer Charleston visitors the chance to explore the city’s heartbeat.

Photo via Gately Williams

Located on Meeting Street just a stone’s throw from King Street, you will find the Dewberry Charleston, housed in the former L. Mendel Rivers Federal Building, a mid-century project launched by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. 

After the building fell into disrepair and was scheduled for demolition, John Dewberry, an Atlanta and Charleston-based real-estate developer, bought the building at auction from the federal government with the goal of turning it into the pinnacle of “Southern Reimagined™.”

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Dewberry spent the next eight years refurbishing the building and turning it into the epitome of Charleston luxury. From its architecture to the art strewn throughout the building,  the Dewberry reflect its mid-century origins and transports visitors back in time. The hotel’s 154 guest rooms live up to its self-description of intimate by design.

Photo via Nick Mele

As you walk through the front doors, you will be greeted with a smile steeped in southern charm and a glass of organic loose-leaf tea that incorporates its namesake—dewberries. 

If you’re not from the South, you might never have heard of a dewberry, which is a a European bramble with thorns and delectable berries that display a white coating on their outer surface. The taste of the berry is comparable to wild blackberry, as it is both tart and intense. 

The city views from the Citrus Club, the 8th-floor cocktail lounge, are not likely to be diminished anytime soon because Charleston’s Board of Architectural Review generally refuses new, large construction downtown.

Citrus Club Exterior, Photo via Andrew Cebulka

The Citrus Club continues to impress as it was a finalist for a prestigious James Beard Awards in 2020. Such recognition is a symbol of exceptional talent and achievement in the culinary arts. But the true mark of its success is how the locals use it as a base.

Citrus Club Interior, Photo via Andrew Cebulka

If you want to get around Charleston by car, the Dewberry is that rare beast in Charleston that allows the option as it comes with its own parking. But if you don’t want to bother, the hotel offers six Volvo luxury SUVs for guests to take on a complimentary basis to explore downtown, nearby gardens, visit restaurants, or go shopping. Want to go to the beach? The friendly folks at the Dewberry are happy to accommodate you by packing your car full of premium beach supplies. 

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Furthermore, the Dewberry is no stranger to Charleston’s world-class sailing and boating opportunities. If you so choose, they are more than happy to organize a 4-hour luxury yacht charter experience along the coast via Barton and Gray, something that is exclusive to the hotel.

If you like to work out, you are not restricted to the typical hotel room turned into a mini gym. Instead, the Dewberry will ferry you, in one of its aforementioned Volvo SUVs, to The Longevity Club, a world-class gym and spa offering everything from Pilates and TRX to acupuncture and massage.

Photo via Andrew Cebulka

For the fellow bookworm, take special notice as the hotel offers an exclusive partnership with the Charleston Library Society, the second-oldest library institution in the United States. There, you can have a rare encounter with Shakespearean manuscripts, correspondences from George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, and a copy of Homer’s Illiad published in 1689, just to name a few…

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In short, Charleston doesn’t lack elegant and attractive lodging options. But if you want to get under the city’s skin and understand Charleston from the inside, the Dewberry is the only choice. 

Discover all the Dewberry has to offer through the video below.

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