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08 | The Worthy Issue 2022

This year’s Worthy 100 list furthers our mission to elevate those individuals using their influence and affluence to generate a positive impact on the world. Together, we face many challenges: From global warming and geopolitical unrest to an impending recession and polarized political body. We find ourselves divided and scrambling at every critical juncture. In order to tackle these issues, we must stand together behind basic organizing principles of unity, compassion, preservation, and equality. Those featured on this list have made genuine, impactful strides toward these fundamental values as they are applied across industries. There is no left-right divide here, progress transcends politics. There is much work to be done, and by highlighting the voices of those striving to create necessary change, we hope to do our part.

07 | The Sustainability Issue 2022

Welcome to Worth Magazine’s first-ever Sustainability Issue! This magazine reflects our growing understanding that as the world changes, business must change with it. There are new constraints on extractive industries, some by government regulation, but others by consumer demand. Right now, everyone from the nation’s leading financial advisors to consumers at the grocery story are making decisions based on sustainability. All businesses, and business leaders, will have to adapt. In this issue, we chose winemaking as a model for sustainable agriculture, green manufacturing, and consumer product marketing.

06 | Groundbreaking Women Issue 2022

Welcome to our ‘Groundbreaking Women’ issue! This issue serves to spotlight & uplift 50 women who have achieved the extraordinary in the past year.

From becoming the first woman to lead the nation’s largest police force to being named the best female chef of 2021, you can be sure these women have made an everlasting (and overdue) impact across society.

05 | Worthy 100 Issue 2021

Worth’s Worthy 100 digital edition features the Worthy 100, a list showcasing over 100 entrepreneurs working to make a serious impact both personally and through their businesses, a view into the rise of conscious capitalism, an essay on social enterprise, and the world’s most sustainable city.   

04 | September Issue 2021

Worth’s September digital edition features our guide to Scottsdale, Ariz., an essay from an expert on how to revamp your office to get employees excited about coming back, an interview with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson and so much more.

03 | August Issue 2021

Our August edition features a piece on the legal ins and outs of vaccines and the workplace, an interview with the Science Guy, Bill Nye, a deep dive into why Bitcoin savings products are the future of crypto and so much more from Worth’s expert contributors.

02 | July Issue 2021

Worth has launched its latest endeavor—Worth Digital Edition—a monthly flippable and interactive issue available to everyone. Our July edition features an interview with actor Jamie Foxx, a piece on how to support your exhausted BIPOC employees, a deep dive into why smart people make bad decisions and so much more from Worth’s expert contributors.

01 | Travel Issue 2021

Ready, set, go! The Brave, New World of Travel. Worth returns to print with a one-time, one-of-a-kind special issue to capture the excitement and curiosity of this moment post-pandemic as people are desperate to travel again. It won’t be the same as it was in 2019, but the demand is everywhere. This issue will not only cover travel in the immediate wake of the lifting of pandemic restrictions but also examine the permanent changes to the travel landscape.

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