Digital Edition

01 | July Issue 2021

Worth has launched its latest endeavor—Worth Digital Edition—a monthly flippable and interactive issue available to everyone. Our July edition features an interview with actor Jamie Foxx, a piece on how to support your exhausted BIPOC employees, a deep dive into why smart people make bad decisions and so much more from Worth’s expert contributors.


Jamie Foxx opens up to Worth columnist Arick Wierson about life, celebrity and his new bourbon. Photo by Nicholas Maggio

The Oscar winner on his latest projects, working with his daughter and his new partnership with Brown Sugar Bourbon.

Investing in privacy for you and your employees could help fend off cyberattacks all around.

Bitcoin has been making major headlines, but “alt coins” are where savvy investors are finding big returns.

Industries like agriculture, energy and retail are some of this year’s frontrunners.

Ways leaders can help ease the emotional burden these employees face.

One of the easiest ways to ease into money talks with your family starts with philanthropy.

The good news is it’s possible to change our preferential pathways in order to make better decisions over time.

Optimist Drinks is aiming to improve mental well-being through social connection.

A sailing club that will change the way you view yacht clubs.

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