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10 | The Travel & Cities Issue 2023

The Travel & Cities Issue recognizes the importance of travel, it is crucial that we prioritize sustainable and responsible travel. We must protect the environment, preserve local cultures, and ensure that communities benefit from tourism in a balanced and equitable manner. This requires a collective effort from governments, businesses, and travelers themselves to promote sustainable practices, reduce carbon footprints, and support local initiatives that promote conservation and community development.


Unveiling the transformative power of travel, Worth explores Nepal, Antarctica, Charleston, and unique beaches amid the pandemic’s toll.
LEGO’s decision to build a $1 billion factory in Virginia sends a powerful message to other companies eyeing the state for expansion.
Mayor Brett Smiley is dedicated to making Providence the envy of cities around with world with its unique assets.
How Formula One overcame its ‘un-American’ stigma while catapulting economic growth for U.S. cities simultaneously.
If you know where to go and where not to go, the summer can actually be the best time to visit New York City.
In South Dakota’s biggest city, Sioux Falls, a small biotech company thinks that cows can help cure human disease.
What does a driverless future look like? How will autonomous vehicles change the world? Waymo is discovering the answers now in Phoenix, AZ.
On the edge of Charleston Harbor, the new International African American Museum aims to reshape American history—and Charleston’s.
Confronted by a legacy of racism, Boston is trying creative solutions to old problems and turning a new chapter in the history of the city.
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