Digital Edition: The Worthy Issue 2022

08 | The Worthy Issue 2022

This year’s Worthy 100 list furthers our mission to elevate those individuals using their influence and affluence to generate a positive impact on the world. Together, we face many challenges: From global warming and geopolitical unrest to an impending recession and polarized political body. We find ourselves divided and scrambling at every critical juncture. In order to tackle these issues, we must stand together behind basic organizing principles of unity, compassion, preservation, and equality. Those featured on this list have made genuine, impactful strides toward these fundamental values as they are applied across industries. There is no left-right divide here, progress transcends politics. There is much work to be done, and by highlighting the voices of those striving to create necessary change, we hope to do our part.


This annual roster celebrates the most important, influential and worthy people leading companies and other organizations in the world. The list honors leaders who have created successful companies, but also acknowledges their innovation and their broader contributions to society. The list reflects Worth’s core belief that business can be a force for social good, and that entrepreneurs who create responsible, innovative companies make the world a better, worthier place.

Last year, NFT technology seemed poised to revolutionize the fine art market. Today, many are worthless.

The new Rolls-Royce coupe is a big, lavish, ultra-luxury electric car that brings many of the brand’s luxurious features into the EV age.

Paskho’s Patrick Robinson on bringing jobs back to underserved communities and adhering to sustainable production practices.

Given the turbulence in the market, it may be time to rethink the classic mix of equities and bonds.

Witness some of the best guitar playing by any musician east of the Mississippi at New York’s only Blues club. Plus, their bar is stocked with over 400 different kinds of whiskey.

The COVID boom is over, but Jetcraft sees growing private jet sales for years to come.

Political instability and consumer activism are increasingly forcing corporate leaders to pick sides.

Whiskey is the world’s drink and can be made by anyone, for anyone. But right now, traditionalism is having its moment.

These watchmaking pioneers are propelling a centuries-old art form into the modern age.

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