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11 | Special Edition: Climate Issue + Innovation Issue 2023

The Q3 issue of Worth Magazine focuses on innovation, with much of the feature well dedicated to Artificial Intelligence’s global impact, ethical implications, and commercial evolution. Articles such as “Global Challenges AI Can Help Tackle” and “Transformational Healthcare Technologies” shine a light on AI’s transformative potential, while pieces like “The Struggle to Rein in AI” and “Is AI the New Tech Bubble?” provide a counterbalance by critically examining the technology’s limitations and hype.

Alongside these are features that appeal to a lifestyle-oriented yet tech-savvy audience: the electrification of luxury cars exemplified by Maserati, the growing allure of private jet travel, and the surging interest in glamping and high culture, such as ballet. Whether AI-generated art, the promise and challenges of air taxis, or the record-setting eclectic auction market, the issue offers a new narrative that weaves technology into the broader fabric of social, economic, and even leisure activities.


Seth Godin on rapid innovation, the environmental crisis, and AI’s impact on work & marketing. Dive into a world reshaped by change.
Embracing gender equity in film has the power to propel box office earnings higher while reshaping our world for the better.
Using software to suggest investment picks isn’t new, but not everybody in the industry is ready to hand their money over to generative AI.
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