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09 | The Health & Wellness Issue 2023

Worth is Kicking off 2023 with our Health and Wellness issue. From the best spas and workout gear to thought-provoking stories and interviews, our editorial team is cutting through the din of pseudo-science prevalent in the health and wellness space in order to help our readers better invest their time and money.


Body positivity advocates are trying to break up the toxic love affair between capitalism and beauty standards.
Getting healthy requires tending to six interconnected components of well-being: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, substance use, and personal connections.
Peter Attia’s new book Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity is a personal handbook for living a healthier, better life.
Work hard, play hard, and then take it easy at one of Worth’s favorite spa resorts.
Ten tools to help you optimize your health from the comfort of your home.
U.S. citizens have access to unparalleled medical care, but the cost means millions will never receive it.
But its impact will be brutal for some communities in particular.
Visit the Groupe Barrière Hotel Fouquet’s New York location. An exquisite 97-room luxury hotel with a pedigree.
Swing easy at Worth’s favorite golf resorts for 2023. Check out our list here organized from East to West.
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