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Canyon Ranch Asks: What’s Your Post-Pandemic Pathway?

Canyon Ranch is seeking to help people find their own pathway through the maze of reestablishing intelligent self-care with its newest program.

Canyon Ranch Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch

As the pandemic mercifully winds down, tens of millions of Americans are looking in the mirror, looking at their relationships, looking at their health and looking at the future, and asking one basic question: “Now what?”

For many, the answers can be found at Canyon Ranch, the luxurious spa and wellness retreat center with locations in Woodside, Calif., Tucson, Ariz., and Lenox, Mass.

As we emerge from isolation—all too often accompanied by depression, overeating, getting away from our exercise routines and other markers of a healthy lifestyle—the question becomes, what do we fix first?

Canyon Ranch is seeking to help people find their own pathway through the maze of reestablishing intelligent self-care with its new program, titled, appropriately enough, Pathways.

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“Admittedly, just coming here can be overwhelming,” says Mindi Morin, managing director of Canyon Ranch Lenox. “We offer so many different options for our guests, from yoga to wellness talks, from meetings with experts on diet and nutrition to, believe it or not, birdwatching. In today’s world, where people are trying to find ways to establish their own healthy routines, sometimes our guests also need help just navigating the variety of our offerings. So, the Pathways program helps them do just that.”

Canyon Ranch

Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch

“The [new] options don’t sound that hard to take,” she added. “You can go to Canyon Ranch for three, five or seven nights and enjoy a personally directed pathway around the concepts of Lifestyle Reset, Optimal Health Exploration, Transition Purposefully, Reconnect with Joy, Personal Discovery or Outdoor Escape which is specifically designed to take advantage of the incredible nature experience in the Berkshires.”

And for those who put on extra pounds while working out of their second bedroom during the COVID-19 pandemic, Canyon Ranch offers another pathway, Live Your Healthy Weight.

Apart from the initial months of the shutdown last spring and summer, Canyon Ranch has been open throughout the pandemic, as hearty souls tiptoed out of their houses and gave themselves a much-needed break from the tension, frustration and fear that the pandemic engendered.

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Now, as America begins to reach herd immunity and increasing numbers of the populace have been vaccinated, more and more people are making the trip to one of Canyon Ranch’s locations and experiencing the serenity and calm that the retreat center offers.

I’ve been to Canyon Ranch a number of times, and while the weekly catalogue of events and activities makes the place seem like Disneyland for body/mind/spirit types, the sheer number of choices can indeed be hard to navigate.

Canyon Ranch

Photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch

The Pathways approach allows visitors to identify just what they want to make better in their lives and then have some guidance as to how to put the puzzle pieces of their Canyon Ranch visit together in the best possible way.

So take off your masks and rejoice, America. Canyon Ranch is offering not only a way out of the pandemic but also intelligent ways to make the most of your visit to Canyon Ranch.

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