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Bradley Allan

Toronto Golf clothing for a younger generation


Golf clothing for a younger generation.

PGA pro Brad Franklin launched Bradley Allan this year to solve a major problem for the sport: How to make golf apparel cool—and attract younger players. Formerly head designer of Tommy Hilfiger Golf and AUR Golf, Franklin set out to make clothing that performed well and accomplished the moisture wicking and cooling factors now associated with athletic wear, but in sophisticated styles that can be worn off the course. It’s a mission I can admire: I grew up playing tennis in 95-degree Florida heat, and I was always put off by people wearing obviously sweaty sports apparel in a clubhouse. Social faux-pas aside, another problem with typical athletic wear, particularly golf clothing, is the tendency toward oversized, grandfatherly fits. In contrast, Bradley Allan’s Oxford Pique is a modern fitted polo that allows for plenty of breathing room while creating sharp lines on most body types. And the fabric is 80 percent pima cotton, which is richer and breathes better than regular upland cotton, while the 20 percent polyester creates the moisture-wicking effect that has become a mainstay of high-performance sports clothing.

Oxford Pique Pocket Polo, $89, bradley-allan.com

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