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BossmakeHer Solves How to Hire and Retain Women at the Executive Level

BossmakeHer is a solution to the recruiting and retention problem for women straddling the multibillion-dollar sectors of executive search.

In early 2018 Tracy Saunders presented a startup concept to a local accelerator called Alpha Lab, an innovative new platform that provided women executives with the resources, coaching and network they need to not just excel, but thrive in their careers. It was here that she met her co-founder, Paul-Bradley Slay. Together they built BossmakeHer, where they help executive women make strategic career moves and connect with companies who recognize their value.

What exactly is BossmakeHer? It’s a solution to the recruiting and retention problem for women straddling the multibillion dollar sectors of executive search, career coaching, and professional networking. Currently, only 26% of women hold senior leadership roles and only 4% are held by women of color (McKinsey). Corporations working to resolve this situation face the ongoing challenge of not only hiring the right women but retaining them. This is where BossmakeHer comes in. 

Every step of the process is customized to the goals and needs of women at this stage of life and career. Executive women looking for a more satisfying and fulfilling career receive career coaching, brand development, networking acceleration, LinkedIn optimization, emotional counseling, and much more. Leveraging Tracy’s 18+  years in recruiting for firms like Google, Cisco, and Amazon, allowed BossmakeHer’s team the opportunity to help their members become intentional about finding roles that are better, roles where they are seen, heard, and valued at the highest levels. The BossmakeHer process also benefits companies as the candidates have gone through the extensive coaching and vetting process and bypass recruiters and connect them to hiring executives.

The goal is to help experienced women have a more fulfilling career where they feel valued and their contributions to company strategy, growth, and the bottom line are acknowledged in a meaningful way. 

A growing boutique  with 100+ members and a scalable revenue model based upon highly curated content and programming, BossmakeHer is currently raising a seed round to fuel their continued growth and see more women land at the top on their terms. BossmakeHer recently won The Fourth Floor’s quarterly pitch competition where companies have an opportunity to pitch in front of potential advisors and investors. 

The Fourth Floor hosts pitch competitions as part of The Back Room, their private investment club where women can network and invest in each other. Women and BIPOC founders currently raising a seed round are eligible to apply. This recent competition was judged by guest judges, Amber Illig from The Council, and Juliette Richert from Artemis Fund. Members are able to watch the pitch competitions on their platform and join in afterward for networking opportunities. 

A strategic partner to our Women & Worth community, The Fourth Floor is on a mission to close the gender power, wealth, and funding gap by advancing for-profit board careers for women, supporting women-led startups and funds, and providing women opportunities to invest in other women. Women & Worth members and The Fourth Floor members receive discounted membership rates to each other’s organizations. To find out more visit us online. 

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