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Black Tomato’s New Program Highlights Shared Moments

From the ethereal landscapes of Norway to Argentina’s wild frontiers, Black Tomato offers transformative journeys built around shared memories.

Courtesy of Black Tomato

Our rushed pace in the post-pandemic world has created the need for pause, reflection, and connection. In this spirit, luxury travel company Black Tomato unveiled “See You in The Moment, ” experiences designed to create the joy of shared experiences, be it an exceptional meal, a life milestone, or an exhilarating adventure. Black Tomato has built its new experience to be focused on who you are with just as much as the destination. 

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“It’s a long-held insight at Black Tomato that some experiences are exponentially more meaningful and memorable when shared with those you love,” says Black Tomato Co-founder Tom Marchant. These shared instances have always been at the heart of human connection, a reality that became even clearer during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Black Tomato’s philosophy is simple: Travel isn’t just about seeing new places. It’s a therapeutic, mindful experience that leaves a lasting impact. This philosophy can be found in their “Get Lost” or “Bring it Back” initiatives, designed to turn travel into a tool for self-betterment.

Is there a time and place for a casual lounge? Yes. But Black Tomato has focused on providing excursions that allow you to be surrounded by a group of your loved ones. 

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In collaboration with their global partners, Black Tomato presents a curated set of over 30 travel moments that can be incorporated into existing or newly created Black Tomato itineraries, categorized by: The Meal, The Event, The Challenge, The Journey, and The Celebration. 

For instance, you may dine by candlelight inside the ethereal surroundings of Iceland’s Thrihnukagigur Volcano, guided by an expert volcanologist alongside your family or friends. Or journey together through Peru’s Sacred Valley on the Apurimac River, discovering the ancient Incan civilization and sleeping under the stars. Or, witness the iconic horse race in Siena’s Piazza del Campo, followed by a dinner with a former race jockey. But in any case, you experience each moment alongside your loved ones

Dine under the midnight sun on a pristine beach in Norway’s uninhabited Lofoten islands. Participate in Thailand’s lesser-known Songkran celebrations, also known as Thai New Year, in the Isaan region. The thrill-seekers can fly, sail, hike, and horseback ride to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, Peninsula Mitre in Argentina. Other travelers can find solitude exploring the untouched waters surrounding New Zealand’s Poor Knight Islands.

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Black Tomato has designed  “See You in The Moment” to be a platform to deepen connections, a quality that has become paramount post-pandemic. Each experience has been designed to cultivate memories that last a lifetime. “Some [moments] are so much better with more people when ten years on you look at a friend, and there’s an immediate connection from the past that keeps you reminiscing together down the line,” remarks Marchand. 

“See You in The Moment” is a bespoke, luxury travel experience. But understanding Black Tomato’s philosophy offers the understanding that it provides more than just a nice view. 

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