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Is your insurance advisor delivering exceptional service and individualized solutions?

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Client expectations in the business world have changed and evolved over the years; however, we’ve found that the expectations of our affluent clientele are well defined. These customers want, and deserve, individualized solutions to their insurance needs; and that’s what we deliver.

But what about you? Is your insurance advisor meeting your expectations? Here’s what to look for.


Service expectations vary from client to client. Many feel that the more they pay, the better the service should be. Others expect service to be good no matter what the cost.

Other key issues include responsiveness, empathy and the ultimate outcome of the service rendered. The high net worth client wants to know that the advisor has knowledge of the products and solutions recommended and is trustworthy. Confidentiality, of course, is also of the utmost importance, and should be considered when you make the choice of your own trusted advisor.

To deliver stellar service, your advisor must understand your expectations and respond to your needs. Expectations can change due to specific circumstances, and this must be recognized and planned for.

The advisor’s goal must be to learn about the client and his or her preferences, needs and chosen strategy. The client also wants to know that he or she is relevant!

Service in the insurance industry must include identifying what the client has at risk and introduce strategies to mitigate or manage those risks. Lifestyle must be another factor considered.

Your advisor should establish a personal relationship with you, and work in partnership with your other trusted advisors to structure a comprehensive plan of coverage that takes all of your needs into consideration and protects what you value most.

Along with superior service, you should be discussing specialized coverage options with your insurance advisor. Below are three areas where clients with substantial assets may be under-insured or unaware of programs that would better meet their complex needs.

Many brokers are offering concierge service for claims involving automobiles, homes and businesses.


Affluent individuals and families require creative insurance and loss-prevention solutions. Your advisor should ensure you are protected from the various liability exposures that come with having substantial assets.

Multi-generational planning may be involved here, including comprehensive home and auto policies custom tailored to your specific needs, with long-term solutions designed to protect your current and future assets.

Personal liability coverage is particularly important, as your assets accumulate and your lifestyle changes. In today’s litigious society, multi-million dollar judgments are common, and obtaining the proper amount of liability protection is essential to wealth preservation. Your advisor should discuss your assets, hobbies, recreational activities, board affiliations, travel, etc., to determine the level of protection you need.


One of the most important coverages you can secure for your family’s financial future is life insurance. Your life insurance specialist should develop a personalized program for you that is geared toward maximizing wealth transfer, replacing lost income and minimizing estate tax liabilities. The focus should be on analyzing your exposure and providing customized solutions to help ensure the continuity of your legacy for future generations.


Due to the complexity of coverage for the affluent client, many brokers are offering concierge service for claims involving automobiles, homes and businesses. The idea is to reduce the impact of the loss and offer solutionsthat are hassle-free.

This degree of service might call for a dedicated claims manager to assist you throughout the claims process and ensure that your and your family’s privacy is protected. To deliver stellar service, your advisor must understand your expectations and respond to your needs. Many high level business executives, professional athletes and entertainers utilize this service to help maintain confidentiality and resolve the claim with minimum disturbance to their schedules. In most cases, concierge service will allow you to select your own contractors to complete the repairs.

Make sure your insurance advisor is knowledgeable in the services and solutions that are important to you, your family and your business in order to protect what matters most to you.

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