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5 Men’s Winter Coats That Don’t Compromise on Style or Warmth

Winter is coming. Now’s the time to make sure your wardrobe is ready.

Photo courtesy of Thom Holmes via Unsplash

Here comes winter, which means that men once again confront an unpleasant choice. They can buy a winter coat because it’s stylish…but will it be warm enough? Or they can buy a winter coat that’s warm enough…but is it attractive? Too often, men buy a coat that looks great, but it never ends up being the winter workhorse go-to garment once the weather turns inclement.

So here are five coats for winter that will check every box—they’re beautiful to look at, they’re warm, they’re great to wear and there’s no compromise on style.

Moncler’s winter coat is made from a material called nylon laqué with classic boudin quilting that keeps you warm, toasty and looking great. Their finishing touches that clearly make it Moncler: the slightly off centered two-way zipper closure and the anorak-inspired half-zipper.

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Warmth never looked so good.

Mackage takes the classic winter coat and redefines it as a super elegant way to keep out the cold. It looks like your favorite ski parka, only better. The workmanship makes the coat not just functional but deeply satisfying—you feel good in the coat, and you feel great about the way you look. You also feel good about the coat because it’s made with RDS-certified sustainable down.

The cocooning nature of the coat makes it perfect for layering and on-the-go comfort. If you’ve ever wondered whether a winter coat can be eye-catching and head turning, whether you’re on the slopes or on the street, wonder no more. This one fills the bill.

This Prada raincoat will actually make you start praying for rain. The jacquard motifs evoke a ‘60s design, and the coat is soft, casual knitwear that provides intense tactile pleasure as you wear it. On the outside, the cut tells you it’s Prada. On the inside, just peeking out, is the brand’s geometric motif. The coat is made of fine wool yarn, featuring a wide lapel that frames the neckline, structurally reinterpreting the iconic Prada triangle. Rainy days will have never looked so good.

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The North Face is a name we associate with hardworking winter gear that is functional, long-lasting and eye catching. The newly designed Cypress Parka looks fantastic in new taupe green, a color that evokes the classic style of the Swiss Loden coat. The North Face coats are surprisingly lightweight but never compromise on warmth. If you’re looking for a winter workhorse, The North Face will delight you.

When it comes to Canada Goose, the biggest challenge you’ll have—besides deciding which one to buy—is simply getting into the stores. The brand is so crazy popular that you’ll find a line outside any Canada Goose store from Labor Day on. The coat is everything you would hope—eye-catching, super warm and cozy, plus elegant enough to wear to any high-level function. Canada Goose’s Hood Trim, which launched last year, gives customers the option to customize their parkas with interchangeable hood trims according to their needs and style preference. You can buy it as an accessory or attached to a parka. Just one more reason to love Canada Goose.

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And did you know that Canada Goose just launched its first-ever line of footwear? Two boots for men and women, the Snow Mantra Boot and the Journey Boot, are making their appearances this year.  So now you can stay warm in Canada Goose literally from head to toe.

So, there you have it—five coats that will protect you from the weather and allow you to have it all—style, grace and great design, all at the same time keeping you warm and happy in the winter.

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