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Annika Sörenstam

Orlando–based Annika Sörenstam is women’s golf’s most dominant figure: The only woman to exceed $20 million in LPGA earnings, she was also the first woman to shoot 59 in a pro tournament

Illustration by Graham Smith

Since retiring in 2008, Sörenstam has partnered with Cutter & Buck on a line of golf wear, the Annika Collection; she designs golf courses with her Annika Course Design; and she bought 50 percent of Capillary Concrete, a maker of drainage material.
  • 01 What are you reading? The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.
  • 02Favorite city? San Francisco is a lot of fun. It has great food. It’s walkable. It’s beautiful.
  • 03 How many days a year do you travel? About 110.
  • 04 Favorite hotel? Domestically, I like the Ritz-Carlton. It’s first class and consistent. Abroad, I like to try local brands. In China, I like Shangri-La.
  • 05 Do you fly private or commercial? Both. When it’s private, I use Wheels Up. For commercial, I love Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific. You get pampered from the moment you check in.
  • 06 What do you never travel without? Workout clothes. Working out helps me adjust to time differences.
  • 07 What’s your investment philosophy? I believe in the long term. I’m patient. I do research. I don’t take a lot of risks.
  • 08 Investing advice? Understand what you’re doing. I’ve made a few mistakes. But the important thing is to cut your losses quickly and move on.
  • 09 Your favorite film? Gladiator. I love the music, the story. It’s about revenge.
  • 10 TV show? House of Cards. It’s interesting 
to watch political drama these days. And Homeland is great.
  • 11 Beer, wine or spirits? A nice glass of Rombauer chardonnay or an Alpha Omega red.
  • 12 Favorite piece of jewelry? My Rolex stainless steel Daytona.
  • 13 Favorite restaurant? I like to eat organic 
and healthy. Atmosphere matters a lot. Waterbar and Epic Steak in San Francisco are favorites.
  • 14 Favorite outfit? I really do prefer my Annika Collection. Five out of seven days, that’s what I’m wearing because I can go from playing tennis to picking up the kids to doing an interview in it.
  • 15 What do you drive? A Lexus GX. I like the roominess of an SUV; it has great maneuverability.
  • 16 Favorite golf course? Pine Valley in New Jersey. It’s classic and incredibly challenging. Every hole is an experience.
  • 17 What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome? I was incredibly shy. I used to miss golf shots on purpose so I wouldn’t have to give the winning speech. But after a while, losing when I was capable of winning was more painful.
  • 18 The best advice you’ve ever received? When I was 15, I was hitting balls and it started to rain so I called my dad to pick me up. As we drove away, he noticed some players were still out there, and he said, “There are no shortcuts to success.” You have to work hard, rain or shine.
  • 19 Your favorite philanthropy? My Annika Foundation. We support aspiring girl golfers with tournaments around the world, but also more: nutrition education, help with social media. I spend time with them.
  • 20 How would you like to be remembered? I love to win, but I want to be remembered as someone with a lot of sportsmanship who helped make the game better for those who came after me.
This article originally appeared in the May-July 2017 issue of Worth.

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