Nick Kavallieratos Managing Director-Wealth Management, Financial Advisor Nick Kavallieratos at Morgan Stanley

1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10104 212.692.2918

Nick Kavallieratos at Morgan Stanley serves and supports individuals, families, private and public corporations globally. His core initiative is ensuring clientele needs are accomplished to preserve, grow and provide flexibility to every client’s financial decision. Understanding his clients and aligning their objectives is the cornerstone of our service model. The development of a relationship is based on trust, communication and transparency. He is consciously aware of our clients’ needs at all times and strives to plan for their future. He is committed to an exemplary service model, offering comprehensive resources and ensuring clients achieve their financial goals.

At a Glance

Financial Services Experience

12 years

Minimum Net Worth Requirement

$1 million (planning services)
$500,000 (in assets, investment services)

Compensation Method

Asset-based fees, commissions (investment and insurance products)

Minimum Fee for Service None Required
professional services provided
  • Financial planning
  • investment advisory
  • money-management services
  • investment products and equity compensation administration

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