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Vice President of Risk Management Services
How can I maximize safety when building a custom home?

If you are fortunate enough to build your dream home, you may take considerable care to choose the exact location, architectural style and interior-design features. Yet one area that often goes overlooked until much later in the process is safety.... Read more

Altair Advisers LLC

What do I need to consider when making end-of-year charitable gifts

The holidays bring out the giving spirit in all of us, and as the year comes to a close, many people look to make a charitable donation to their favorite cause. These end-of-year gifts are always well-intentioned but should also be well-planned. F... Read more

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC

CFA®, Principal
Is the "much ado" being made about robo-advisors "nothing" or is it really "something"?

The investment advisory landscape is ever-evolving, but there is a particular change underfoot that is really shaking things up. Unless you are a millennial, the idea of an algorithm managing your portfolio may seem peculiar. But the advent of the... Read more

Bleakley Financial Group

CFP®, Partner
How do I take the right steps toward a secure retirement?

People often ask me, “When can I retire? How much money will I need?” To save enough for a financially secure retirement, it is important to start early and stay disciplined. Today’s generations are living longer, so we need to plan for our financ... Read more

Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services

President and CEO
How can I involve my entire family in our personal insurance plan?

We all know that affluent clients have special needs when it comes to insuring their properties and belongings. On top of this, insuring an extended multi-generational family with the need for significant asset protection can take the insurance co... Read more


Senior Manager
The "Cadillac tax": Are you prepared?

One of the last elements of “Obama- care” is on the way and will go into effect beginning in 2018. Even though the tax, as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was signed into law in 2010, it is still a controversial issue for employers and co... Read more

Celedinas Insurance Group

CIC, President, CEO
Are you "sharing" too much?

If you belong to a family with substantial or even moderate wealth, you are often the subject of the media, with the potential risk that you may be targeted by criminals. Risks may include home robberies while you are away, identity theft, threats... Read more

Cook Maran & Associates Inc.

Personal Insurance Advisor
Can I work with any insurance carrier to insure my high-value home?

Our recommendation is that owners of high-value homes work with a carrier that invests in and knows how to assess the accurate replacement or reconstruction value of the home. The carrier must also have the claim’s orientation and expertise to fac... Read more


Director of Impact Investments
Differentiated, dynamic, but not defined: What is the future of impact investing?

A homogeneity of investment options has never been the case for long within the financial industry. Instead, the global market continually seeks unexplored areas, rooting out and capitalizing on market inefficiencies or transformational change. It... Read more

Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers

PhD, President and Founder
What role does a low-volatility equity approach play in your portfolio?

We are in the seventh consecutive year of positive market returns in U.S. equities since the credit crisis of 2008, and many investors are wisely seeking ways to protect gains and prepare their portfolios against a po-tential market downturn in eq... Read more

Fieldpoint Private

NY Office Managing Directors, Senior Advisors
When it comes to investing, is a strong defense really the best offense?

At Fieldpoint Private, the wealth entrusted to us is—or has the potential to be—multigenerational. This is a rare and worthy consequence of excellence and perseverance. However, by virtue of its longevity, this wealth is subject to innumerable and... Read more

G2 Insurance Services

How do I make certain my family and assets are fully protected in the event of a lawsuit?

Let’s begin with two questions that we ask as part of a formal presentation we do for clients: 1. Do you have a comprehensive understanding of your personal insurance program? 2. When was the last time you had your program reviewed? If your answer... Read more